Submission Requirements:

  1. Plays must be original and unproduced scripts.
  2. Scripts must be one-act, short plays, approximately 10 to 60 minutes in run time.
  3. Playwrights must reside in the tri-state area of Minnesota, Wisconsin, or Iowa.
  4. Submissions must be nameless and free of identification.
  5. Playwrights have the option to submit a play with their name to protect their original work.
  6. Any genre, theme, or style of play is acceptable.
  7. Consideration for ease of production (set design and cast size).
  8. The deadline for submissions is May 26th at 11:59pm via a provided Google Form.

Judging and Selection Process:

  1. All scripts will be read and rated by a minimum of two readers.
  2. Positively rated scripts will be passed on to the judges.
  3. Judges will make final decisions based on readers’ reviews rubric here

Timeline of Events

  1. February 16th – May 26th: Submissions open on February 16th and close on May 26th.
  2. June 17th: The first reading of submissions is completed.
  3. July 17th: The second reading of submissions is completed.
  4. July 21st: Narrow down applicants by half or to twenty (whichever is lower). Notify playwrights if they are making into the next round.
  5. July 22nd – August 22nd: Playwrights interested in revisions based on feedback receive feedback and participate in workshops.
  6. September 30th: Final submissions are received from remaining playwrights.
  7. October: Final round of readings by the selection committee, which includes directors, designers, board members, workshop holders, and community members.
  8. November 17th: Winners of the playwriting competition are announced.
  9. December 2nd-11th: Hold Auditions
  10. December 12th-16th: Solidify Casting
  11. December 16th – January 5th: First cast readthroughs take place.
  12. February-March (last two weeks of Feb-first two weeks of March): Performances of the selected plays occur.

Winning and Production Details:

  1. Winning scripts will be produced and performed as part of the Original Shorts event (dates and times TBD).
  2. Playwrights of winning scripts will receive a cash prize.
  3. Intention to produce an approximately two-hour block of plays.
  4. The number of accepted plays and cash prize amounts may vary depending on play lengths.