Theatre du Mississippi’s 3rd Annual Short and Sweet: Cabaret!


Please Have a Seat and Someone Will Be With You Shortly

  • Written by Garth Wingfield
  • Directed by Rachel Rougas
  • Starring Celeste Russell as Due and Matt Wenzel as David
  • Local Banjo plucker, Chris Datta!
  • Aspiring comedian, Tom Buege!


  • Written by Paul Dooley and Winnie Holzman
  • Directed by Brittany Splittstoesser
  • Starring Cynthia Knouft as Actress and Lee Gundersheimer as Actor
  • Goofy love songs with vocalist Anne Williams and pianist Jennifer Prigge!
  • Closing poetry reading with Rachel Kitchens and Brittany Splittstoesser!


  • Thursday February 13th @ 7pm
  • Friday February 14th @ 7pm
  • Saturday February 15th @ 7pm

Tickets: $10 at the door

Location: Wesley United Methodist Church, 114 W Broadway, Winona