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Theatre du Mississippi Submission Policy

Theatre du Mississippi is dedicated to promoting new works and regional writers, and therefore, the playwright is one of our greatest resources. We support an open submission policy. You may submit in any one of the following categories:

Our Regular Season

A Special Production

A Co-Production

You may submit in any category, but please carefully read the instructions for each category. Submissions may be made via email by emailing to: in nearly any electronic format (Word, PDF, Mobi, epub, txt, etc), or by postal mailing scripts to: Theatre Du Mississippi, PO Box 184, Winona, MN 55987. Scripts will only be returned by request and if accompanied by a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope.
We look forward to reading your work.

Our Regular Season

  1. Our regular season begins in the fall with a full-length, original play that has a local theme. This may be a show about an historical figure from the area, about an event that occurred locally, or in some unique way has a special connection to the Winona area. This runs in conjunction with the Winona County Historical Society’s Cemetery Walk.
    We may commission works for this slot in the season, and we may also have scripts lined up a year more in advance for this production, but we’d still like to see your script if it fits the category.
  2. Our Holiday Radio Show offers a unique challenge to writers to create a theme and then a script around a variety of vocal and musical acts. Being present during the process is helpful but not necessarily a requirement.
  3. Original Shorts is our late winter offering. This is a short play contest. To read more on the rules for submission, please visit this page.
  4. Our Spring production is our wild card slot. This could be just about anything, and possibly the playwright’s best chance to have a production mounted at TdM. We look mainly for plays that engage us, and preferably by area playwrights. This production might be an expansion of an Original Shorts winner; it might be a commissioned play; it might take the form of a joint production with another theatre company. If you’ve got a work that you think would be right for our community, send it our way and tell us why we’re the right outlet for your work!

To submit a script by email, please send it to: you may attach the script in almost any format that works for you (.doc; .pdf; .mobi; .epub; .txt; etc). In the body of your email, please tell us a little about yourself, a little about the script, and why you think your script is right for us.

To submit a hard copy of your script, please include the above information in a letter and mail the script to: Theatre du Mississippi – Submission, PO Box 184, Winona, MN 55987. If you wish for the script to be returned, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

A Special Production

While Theatre du Mississippi enjoys the structure of a season for the purposes of planning and fund-raising, we are a small enough company that we can, and will, consider special productions outside of our planned season.

However, mounting a production takes a great deal of energy, resources, and of course, money. To mount a production outside the parameters of our season is difficult. We would most likely do so under the following circumstances:

  1. We are so moved by a script that we don’t want to wait to put it in a season.
  2. We’ve procured a grant for a specific production.
  3. YOU have procured a grant and would like our assistance in seeing the project through production.

To have your work considered for a Special Production with Theatre du Mississippi, please send an email to: outlining the nature of the work; why you think it is appropriate for TdM; what you would need or expect in the way of support from TdM. We are limited by our lease agreement with the City of Winona as to how many special productions we can produce outside of our regular season. Terms and arrangements to be discussed on a case by case basis.

A Co-Production

Arc with Nautilus Music-Theatre. It was a production that we probably weren’t going to do on our own, but area audiences loved the production and we sold out for our limited run.

Please contact: if you have a production you think would do well in Winona, MN, or even if you’d like to get together and talk about the possibility of future endeavors.

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